Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Raymond Story...

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  1. Big Raymond was always a joy to be around. Even though I didn't have the pleasure of meeting him at a younger age, I could always relate to him. He was constantly updated on the new movies and gadgets at the time, and always had positive thoughts and experiences to add. One year on thanksgiving I asked him what he wanted for Christmas, and he said you know what I would really like, one of those electronic GPS's. So I told him maybe I'll get you one. A year later on the next thanksgiving he asked me, now Annie where is my GPS? I was so surprised that he would remember that casual conversation we shared. These were the little things that Big Raymond would remember, and it was touching to know that he was so affectionate towards everyone. He would remember such insignificant memories and stories. Another story that my mom always like to tell was one night when Raymond was in town Bob, Kate, and Raymond came over for dinner. I was sitting in the kitchen and saw there silver car pull into our driveway. We were expecting them to be in the house rather quickly and when the three hadn't come inside for a few minutes, my mom and I thought that one of them fell. So we look outside the window and see that no one was hurt, and no one had fallen but to see the smiles and laughter on there faces. The three of them were simply sitting in the car telling stories about the childhood Bob and Raymond had shared together. Big Raymond always brought out the best in people, especially my grandfather, Bob. To me Big Raymond was always part of the Aldrich family. He was a regular at our family thanksgivings, and although he won't be attending anymore he will always have a place at our table.

  2. I had the pleasure of meeting Raymond 23 years ago not long after I met Rob. He arrived at Rob's house looking very dapper in a leather jacket and white scarf. (very California to a midwestern gal) AT that time I think what he liked most about me was that I worked for a shoe company and could get him a new pair of slippers at a great discount. I've heard the slippers are still around albeit held together with duct tape. As the years have passed we have enjoyed yearly visits from Raymond most recently attending our Thanksgiving Feasts. We all anxiously awatied his arrival when we would head over to Bob and Kate's for a big hug and boatloads of compliments from Big Raymond. He always knew the latest scoop on the movies and we always tried to see a new release with him when he was visiting. He could relate to all generations of the Aldrich Family. We will certainly miss him this November when we gather at the table.